Grow Daily Podcast Show

Welcome to the Grow Daily Podcast! On the show I invite inspirational people who have meaningful lives. The mission of the show is to share their insights and wisdom with you. Enjoy the show! 

Grow Daily #3 - with Mariette Ruggenberg

Mariette Ruggenberg is a coach, entrepreneur and the founder of de Upstarter.  In 2014 Mariette started de Upstarter with the goal to inspire the current educational system to focus more on personal development. The upstarter is a catalyst for a more people-oriented working culture. A working culture where ‘doing meaningful work’ is the central theme. The upstarter offers different programs that support this culture. Human-centred design, agile coaching and content creation are just a few examples of successful programs the upstarter has to offer. In the show, we talk about her background, inspirators, favourite books and what made her decide to start her own school. As my mission is to empower people to live a meaningful life on their own terms I am more than enthusiastic about de Upstarter and having Mariette on the show. Enjoy the show!

Grow Daily #2 - with Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen is a California based yoga teacher and an entrepreneur in the field of addiction recovery! Being a former addict he as no other knows the lifelong fight an addict has to endure. His recovery journey was not common in the western world, but by immersing himself in different styles of yoga, he found a holistic path to recovery. With all his knowledge and experience he started his company: Recovery 2.0. Recovery 2.0 emphasizes the importance of mind-body practices like yoga and meditation and thinks beyond the traditional top 6 forms of addiction. Tommy describes how in life almost every person comes across some form of addiction. As we looking for things on the ‘outside’ to fix something on the ‘inside'. Tommy is a leading example of someone who has transformed his experiences in the past, to be the fuel for his purpose in life today! This episode is full of wisdom & insights and a powerful breathing exercise! Hope you enjoy!

Grow Daily #1 - with Niels Visser

I'm very excited to introduce my first Guest Niels Visser. A social entrepreneur who founded the start-up Hatsup. The Amsterdam based start-up sells hats and in return helps people with mental needs. He also sits on the board of a social hackathon and uses his digital marketing skills at a leading agency in the Netherlands. In the podcast, he shares the things that make his life meaningful and worth living! Enjoy!