16 Nov

Starting Over: Becoming a Personal Growth & Productivity Hacker, Internet Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad

Hi guys, you probably don’t know me yet. But you will in 5 years (not arrogant – but confident). My name is Dillon Richardson and I’m about to reach 30 at the end of this year Things are about to change big time. Not that my life is so bad, miserable or depressed. I actually had everything setup pretty well for myself. I was living in Amsterdam and the managing director (still hate the title) of an advertising firm in Amsterdam (what a ride that has been – more about that in a different blog). I was making pretty decent money and had a good work/life balance.

I was able to challenge myself spiritually and physically (cross-fit, yoga and running), travel the world and meet many amazing people. One of them I met last year – the woman of my dreams – Lotte (yeah I really did). To cut it sort: my life was pretty damn awesome but…. Something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t living life 100 percent on my terms. I was dependent on someone or something else’s agenda and above that I lost feeling passion and purpose for what I was doing.

I more than ever felt an urge to explore and follow my dreams (cliché right, but yeah – true!). Of course growing up in America, Japan and Holland gave me a pretty open minded view of the world. And traveling for my job and during and in between my studies also gave me the necessary room to discover. Also starting several failed companies, having some failed relationships, lacking at writing a book and a failed poker career made me a stronger person year by year. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right.

But now I was ready for something totally new! Ready to move forward. Ready to live life as pro-active as possible and on my terms only. In the last 4 years I have read more than 100 books on self-development, spirituality and business. I grew a company to 27 people, managed the whole reorganization (back to 8 people) and am now ready to use the mental toughness I gained to get on this path and succeed. I know I will need to invest my time and devote everything I have to this mission. But I will not give up and prove that I can win at this and get on this (fast)lane and succeed at my dreams. I want to be the posterboy example of how you can change your (comfort zone) life at the age of 30.

For me the criteria are that I do what I love and become self-sufficient while doing so.
So what is this mission I’m getting on and under what conditions:
• I want to be an internet entrepreneur in the self development space;
• I want to inspire people on a daily base with the best content on how to grow in all aspects of life;
• I want to visit and live in different parts of the world while doing so;
• I will always prioritize production above consumption;
• I will work my ass off. And work my ass off, and did I say work my ass off (16 hours a day if necessary);
• And while doing so I while share every step of this journey with you.

I know what the hick ups will be:
• The first year probably no one will read my content
• I will fail 100s of times
• I will let go of a lot of any comfort in order to reach my higher purpose.
• I will be 30 soon, so to be fare I’m not in my 20’s. So I will need to learn fast and grow even faster.

So my dear readers, join me on this journey. Get inspired on the way. I promise I won’t bring you just bullshit to consume. I will deliver value. Stuff that makes you GROW!

Thanks for reading my first article.

Grow daily,

Dillon Richardson

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